Alberto Salazar: Wada must investigate athletes – IOC president

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The World Anti-Doping Agency should research all athletes who coached according to IOC president Thomas Bach.
Salazar, the former coach of Britains Mo Farah, was this week found guilty of doping offenses after a four-year investigation by the US Anti-Doping Agency (Usada).
61, the conclusion contrary to Salazar, came after a court struggle.
Bach said the instance isvery worrying and raises serious issues.
Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, Bach explained:We are convinced that Wada will look in to this situation very carefully and will follow up on queries which remain after this document.
The IOC will write a letter to Wada in this respect.
On what he is going to be requesting Wada, Bach added:To determine the number of athletes have been researched. Have of the athletes been researched whove been coaching in this facility?
Does the report address the entire length of the existence of the undertaking or just part of it?
Could any Olympic results directly or indirectly be impacted?
We heard in the report that the athletes wouldnt have known what happened to them this is an important element when studying sanctions but disqualification is required whether the athlete knows or not.
We are very confident that Wada is considering this anyway so we are awaiting the advice from Wada in this respect
In a declaration, Wada explained:Wada notes the decisions passed down in the instances of Alberto Salazar and Jeffrey Brown in link for their participation in the Nike Oregon Project. As always, Wada may review all facets of the circumstance.
We will anticipate the IOCs correspondence but we cant comment publicly until weve reviewed the situation in full
Conducts on the Nike Oregon Project – house into four-time Olympic winner Farah from 2011 before 2017.
Even the 36-year-old Farah, plus a six-time world champion, said:I am relieved that Usada has, after four years, completed their investigation into Alberto Salazar.
I abandoned the Nike Oregon Project in 2017 but, as Ive always stated, I have no tolerance for anybody who violates the rules or crosses online. Im glad theres been a decision.
The Briton has always denied breaking any rules and hasnt failed a drugs test.
Allegations from Salazar first surfaced in 2015, but UK Athletics cleared Farah to stay with the Nike Oregon Project.

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