How to convert between Decimal & American odds

Based on which portion of the planet you are from, you’re inclined to be comfortable seeing odds in a certain format. With an abundance of online convertors available, have you ever wondered how it is simple to convert decimal to chances and vice versa with a calculator? Here’s the Solution.
Read about the gap between Decimals odds formats and American chances.

The most usual chances are the chances that are American and the Decimal. If you’ve been betting with European bookmakers, you are used to Decimal chances. Before diving into the nitty-gritty of how to convert Decimal to odds , though, there is one point that we must clarify .

A vital distinction between Decimal and American chances (also called“money line odds“ or just“traces“) is that the US odds are offered both in negative and positive numbers, meaning that there are two formulas we must create use of depending on if the Decimal odds are less or greater than 2.00, leading to negative or positive US likelihood respectively.

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