19 bold predictions for MLB in 2019

The Red Sox will make the playoffs

Boston is way too talented and also the American League has too many guess squads for me against the Sox hitting the postseason to select. But it’ll be via the AL Wild Card spot, and the champs won’t get back to the World Series.
Why, you ask? Due to Chris Sale shoulder? The October workload of nathan Eovaldi? Some kind of statistical blow for Mookie Betts and/or J.D. Martinez?
Nah. I just don’t think that the fans could break the World Series trophy having an abysmal beer can without some type of penalty in the baseball gods.
Bryce Harper will sign with the Cardinals
Now, my mind says that Harper will wind up using the White Sox or the Phillies. However, with me sinking quickly, this really is and, darn it, I’m going down with the ship.
I will need to veer from an organizational course of half-measures and options and do assert that the Cardinals have the resources to pull it off. Paul Goldschmidt has been a fantastic get, but only for a single year (and he is 31). Harper would take this club to World Series-caliber squad that is clean from borderline National League Central contender.

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