Boxing: Conor McGregor vs Luke Keeler Odds

It appears that UFC superstar ConorNotorious McGregor might be back in action again for first time since UFC 229 last October, but it might be a return into the boxing ring rather than the Octagon. His opponent you ask? Manny Pacquaio? Canelo Alvarez? Paulie Malignaggi? Luke Keeler, wait that? Irish boxer Luke Keeler took a shot on social media regarding a pub incident in mid-August at McGregor and challenged his fellow countryman to some bout that McGregor has accepted.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has set two lines regarding this spat on if the struggle will even occur in 2019 with allYes coming in at +450 and alsoNo coming back at -700. In addition, a line at the event that this battle does happen and that has Keeler as a -225 favored with McGregor coming back at +175.
More, McGregor finds himself in the spotlight for the wrong reason out the Octagon. The Ireland indigenous has a history of slip-ups lately as he has been ordered five weeks of community service and was detained for hurling a dolly at a UFC bus ahead of UFC 223 in April of 2018 and had to do anger management courses. Fast forward to March of the year and the winner was in trouble for taking the phone of a man and hammering against it. The litigation and criminal charges were dismissed.
Presently, a movie was released in mid-August of the season of McGregor becoming in an altercation with a elderly man at a bar after a dispute over some whiskey, it seems, and also the UFC fighter threw a left hit that struck the man from the face. In measures fighter Luke Keeler who claims McGregor did exactly the same issue to a pal of his years ago and issued a challenge game. The two agreed to a bout and apparently exchanged words onto the telephone.
I am torn with this. On the other hand, this can be just another chance for McGregor to invest after some heat, make some cash and if he won, a valid boxing game, it might stir up rumors of fighting with some Floyd Mayweather rematch or Manny Pacquiao. Furthermore, using Zuffa Boxing getting set to debut which is run Dana White , by UFC president, that would be a enormous occasion for their series that would get plenty of sign-ups and eyes generally.
On the flip side, White may not want his prized possession to get to the overall public and risk dropping to him that are the reduction in the past four fights of McGregor and straight in boxing. With a reduction to Keeler, the Mayweather rematch or any other boxing match with McGregor will be dashed.
I feel that this battle would happen behind closed doors at the house gym to settle this steak of Keeler. Comparable to the McGregor-Malignaggi feud leading the May-Mac struggle in 2017 up. Now Odds Shark Joe Osborne and contributors Iain MacMillan think that people would not pass on cashing in with this potential bout, I feel that the risk may outweigh the reward.
One is an aspect of his game, his conditioning he claims he is working . Notorious did a uppercut to land on Mayweather, a defensive magician from the ring but the fighter hardly changed. It begs the issue of does he have the punching power to the degree of boxers that train strictly on punching instead of stressing about clinches kicks and grappling.
Meanwhile, the Keeler has steadily risen the middleweight (160 lbs) branch and is the fourth-ranked fighter at the WBO middleweight rankings and is top-ranked middleweight in Ireland. Hes unbeaten in his last eight fights because his loss to because he dropped at 2015 to Doran too, the man hes dropped. Keeler can continue to keep a good pace for the length of a bout and is extremely competitive.
McGregor is a little unconventional and punches does throw from strange angles that catch the more conventional boxing style off guard. Additionally, he does a good job in countering he should have a lot of opportunities to perform against a fighter such as Keeler. All of that being said, Keeler may drag McGregor into waters that are deep and has conditioning and??put him apart. I believe in the end within this bout with McGregor winning the remainder of the game shutting out a determination would be scored by Keeler.
Heres a look at the odds for this potential bout:
Curious as of August 22
Curious at August 22??at BetOnline

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