Law and Order SVU Poison and the Combined Gas Law

The combined gas law and the law and order SVU poison really had nothing to do with the accident that claimed the life of Peter McCloskey

The combined law was created to protect the public from being exposed to dangerous chemicals, while the SVU poison was a common household medicine used to treat common conditions.

On December 5, 1985, Peter McCloskey suffered a heart attack. At the time of his death, he was driving an oil pipeline truck in Upstate New York, he was on his way to the Superfund site at Hornell where he was employed as a boiler fitter.

With the law’s primary goal to protect the public from dangerous contaminants, it failed to protect McCloskey. paper writing service When his truck hit the guard rail on the interstate, he and another driver were side-swiped. McCloskey died instantly from the impact.

Although the law protected his employer, it failed to protect the two men driving behind him. As McCloskey’s truck struck the guard rail, the acceleration was so great that the oil tanker’s brakes had no effect.

The law does not require a driver to have any control over the speed of his vehicle. It is illegal for any person to exceed the posted speed limit on any highway. paper writing service The law was designed to force drivers to remain a safe distance away from other vehicles when making turns and stop signs.

The law did not prevent McCloskey from sustaining his injuries. While a bystander was treated for minor injuries, McCloskey was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent a surgery to repair his internal organs. Doctors said his right lung, pancreas, and larynx would never be the same.

Because the law requires that commercial vehicles maintain a safe distance from other commercial vehicles, such as pipelines, the Exxon Valdez oil spill did not cause McCloskey’s truck to hit a guard rail. The fact that he was not able to prevent himself from being killed in the accident, however, was deemed a „serious custom writing injury“ by the law.

Even though the law protects the driver, it does not protect the public. Many people do not believe that the combined law and the law and order SVU poison could cause the type of tragedy that occurred in Upstate New York. But, as statistics show, the combined law and the law and order SVU poison do not protect all people equally.

According to statistics, anyone traveling more than five miles per hour above the posted speed limit can suffer the effects of the law. By extension, anyone travelling more than fifty-three miles per hour above the posted speed limit can suffer the effects of the law. Between the law and SVU poison, anyone who lives in or travels through New York is potentially in danger.

The law and SVU poison don’t protect anyone from high speeds, but they do protect anyone from a small accident. The law was designed to protect the state highway departments and their workers from the unspeakable accident that occurs when two cars collide at fifty-three miles per hour.

The custom writing law and SVU poison cannot protect the public from a regular car accident. But, the law and SVU poison can protect the state highway departments and their workers from a catastrophic accident that results from a small accident.

If you are a parent or guardian, please contact your local legislators. There are legislators who will listen to you and work to provide the protection you need.

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