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From the Known Men Who May Have Had Sex With 1000s Of Females

Dienstag, März 10th, 2020

From the Known Men Who May Have Had Sex With 1000s Of Females

Plus some theories why

You will find notches from the bedpost, after which there are fuck listings therefore long A brazilian rainforest couldn’t include them. The latest instance: Wrestler Ric Flair, whom said he’s slept with a few 10,000 feamales in their 68 years, give and take.

“What we stated ended up being the facts, but i’m bad now it, ” Flair told People of his confession to ESPN, which airs Nov. 7 as part of the series 30 for 30 that I said some of. “Ten thousand females. If only I hadn’t stated that as a result of my grandkids. ”

Not all the famous tail-baggers regret their life style as Flair claims to. For Hugh Hefner, whom recently passed at age 91, getting a lot of tail with quadruple digits of females (along with his reasonable share of males) had been a core brand name pillar he never truly wavered from. He told Esquire in an meeting at age 86 that, though he had been always faithful as he ended up being hitched, he made for this inside the solitary years, sleeping with “over one thousand women, I’m certain. ”

Hefner keeps good business in the 1,000 to 2,000 range. Actor and comedian Russell Brand claims to possess slept with more than a thousand females, too, including Katy Perry and Kate Moss. But during the height of racking up that count, he had been actually likely to city. “I happened to be sex that is having different women three, four, five times just about every day, ” Brand told the top Issue this year. “In Ireland, nine in a single evening, ” he included, which sent that is likely everywhere to your internet to check up cheap routes to Europe. (Brand has since admitted to a rehab stint for sex addiction and also going celibate. )

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